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"The Old Man and the Sea", a short novel moves people and convinces the criticism, telling the story of a poor Cuban fisherman who catch a big marlin (swordfish) and tries to save his prey from the assault of sharks. Published a preview of a single issue of Life magazine, selling five million copies in 48 hours. Wins Award Pulitzer.Due aircraft accidents. In 1953, Hemingway goes back to Africa, this time with Mary. It has a plane crash on their way to the Congo. He comes out with a bruised shoulder, Mary and the pilot unharmed, but three remain isolated and spreads in the world the news of the death of the writer. Fortunately they bring you to safety when they find a boat: it is none other than the time rented boat before the director John Huston for the filming of the movie "The African Queen". They decide to travel to Entebbe on a small plane, but during takeoff the aircraft falls and gets fired. Mary gets along but the writer is hospitalized in Nairobi for severe trauma, loss of vision in the left eye, left ear hearing loss, first-degree burns to the face and head, distortions of the right arm, shoulder and the left leg, a crushed vertebra, damage to the liver, spleen and reni.Nel 1954 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, but renounces to go to Stockholm to receive it in person, being sufficiently proved from injuries sustained in the two plane crashes. In fact has a physical and mental breakdown that afflicts him for several years. In 1960 works in a study on bullfighting, part of which comes out of Life.Scrive "A Moveable Feast", a book of memories of his years in Paris, which will be released posthumously (1964). Another posthumous book is "Islands in the Stream" (1970), painful story of Thomas Hudson, a famous American painter, who lost three children, two in a car accident and one in guerra.Non can write. Weak, aged, sick man is hospitalized in a clinic in Minnesota. In 1961 buys a villa in Ketchum, Idaho, where he moved no longer feeling comfortable to live in Cuba after Fidel Castro's seizure of power, which, however, appreciates.

Tragic end. Deeply depressed because he thinks it will not be able to write, the Sunday, July 2 morning he gets up early, takes his double-barreled shotgun, goes in the hall at the front of the house and leaned his double-barreled to the front and shoot .

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