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“The soldier” by Rupert Brooke

Death of a man who thinks to England, his country. This is in another country and he is thinking to his death. Death is a remote possible because there’s “if”. Experience of the First World War this, as an important role in the public opinion and this was completely different from Victorian Age idea. The first time that this happens. He is away from his mother country. He is thinking and writing before the war started. He was thinking of peace of England and there’s the representation of the greatest of England. The English soldier could make bigger and richer Britain. Quite atmosphere, enthusiastic by the idea of fight for his nation. He was in the mind of England and he was created to be an English man, he will be a winner. England is personified in this poem. The soldier is totally devoted to the mother country. He dedicated his life. England is compared to the heart of the soldier. He is destined to fight for England.
“Dulce et decorum est” by Wilfred Owen
They are in terrible condition and they are suffering a lot. They try to protect themselves. Body is consumed. Poverty of human soul. Death is what recurred in mind of who writes. This poem is an example of nationalism and heroism. Patriotism is ended. There’s the description of what an attack is. There’s not the glory of the past, they lost values, they are obliged to fight because it’s a decision of the government. Horror was not contemplated before the experience of living in trenches.
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