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Dickens, Charles - Summary of the first paragraph Oliver Twist

During the year 1828 many houses in England had a workhouse and in one of this place a woman in labour gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. She wasn’t identified by the woman and the doctor who helped her deliver; She requested to see her baby and she kissed him paaionately after which she died.
She named him Oliver and this little creature had to live without his mother’s care after her death and he was pratically maltreated by who picked him. He stayer in an orphanage with his friends where he didn’t receive love or attention so at the age of nine he decided to leave the orphanage and starter life afresh elsewhere. He was employed by a man called Mr. Bumble, he worked all day and all he could eat was just a plate of porridge because they never give him meat (as well as the rest boys).
One day Oliver tried to tell the food server that it the food given to him wasn’t enough for him because he was still hungry. They were all surprised though he received nothing than being locked up in a dark room. The next morning a friend of Mr. Bumble called Sowerberry came to visit him and Oliver’s master asked him if he needed a boy to work for him; as a matter of fact he told him to take the little noy along with him while leaving for just £5. Sowerberry was a coffin maker and seller and at night Oliver slept with the coffins in the store and he felt not just afraid but abbandoned, ignored. Early in the morning Noah Claypole came to the shop and he said Oliver was going to work under him. Oliver knew the boy was his enemy right from the first time and when Noah tried to insult or say bad things about Oliver’s mum they fought and early the next morning he left for London, because he couldn’t tollerate the situation.