Video appunto: Dickens, Charles - Oliver Twist, fourth paragraph
Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist, fourth paragraph

After being hospitalized by fagin and given a place for shelter, Oliver wake up from a deep sleep and Fagin told the little boys that worked for him to play a funny game! It all consistei in taking from another person’s pocket or bag handkerchieves and wallets and most especcially without letting them feel or know what’s going on.
Of corse, the boys tried this game by taking by taking a Fagin’s handkerchief while he was looking at a shop’s window outside the building. Firstly he told them to try again because he felt the little & silent movements though they were brillant. The boys tried several times and Oliver liked the game and so Fagin asked him if he would have loved to practise that game as well.
It was obvious that Oliver wanted to do same like the others because he felt being entertained by it but little did he know that the game was going to lead them includine himself into stealing and becoming thieves as a main consequence. One day, Oliver accompanied two boy sto the market and, while an old man was paying for a book he has just bought at a bookshoop, they quietly took his handkerchief off his pocket and rana way; Oliver then realized the exact meaning of the game but as he stood there and thought instead of running away with the rest boys, people accused him of stealing and many said he was guilty. Fortunately a man (who happens to know Oliver’s mum and knew he was he was innocent because he saw what happened), protected poor Oliver from being arrested by the police force and probably from being sentenced to death.