Oliver Twist: the plot

Born: Oliver Twist was born in a workhouse in 1830 in unnamed town.

Life: his mother (poor class) died soon after his birth

Till nine years old he lived in a babyfarm
He lived underfed and in miserable condition
When he was ten, he was taken for adult

One day, he's punished by some friends because he asked for some more gruel saying: "Please, I want some more".
He was sold as an appendice for 5 pounds.
The first man who wants to buy him was a brutal man, a chimney sweeper.
The second man was an undertaker who takes Oliver into his service. He was a good man, but his wife refuses Oliver.
They fight and he runs away to London.

In London he met Jack, who has some ages. Oliver is starved.
Jack offers him a shelter in London, but he is a pickpocket.
The house he goes, named Fagin house (workhouse), was trained by a gang of pickpocket.

They train him to become a pickpocket.

After a few days he follows two boys on a criminal mission.
Oliver is temporarily rescued by Mr Brownlow, a benevolent gentleman, but some members of the gang kidnap the boy.

After many incidents, the gang is caught by the police and Oliver is discovered to be a relation of Mr Brownlow's. Oliver was adopted by the gentleman, so he finally found a family.

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