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Charles Dickens - Oliver twist chapter two, brief summary

After the incident that happened to Oliver while he was in the work house and after being locked up in a dark room all alone, Mr. Bumble handed the boy over to Mr. Sowerberry as his new boy who was supposed to work for him. Firstly Mrs. Sowerberry complained that Oliver was very small but was later convinced by Mr. Bumble that children grow! The first night at Mr. Sowerberry’s house was terrible, Oliver ate the dog’s food and slept where they usually work. He was alone in a strange place without anyone to call his parents or friends. The next morning he opened opened the door due to the noise coming from the outside door. He saw a big boy with small eyes and a red nose; his name was Noah who introduced himself as the manager of the place (meaning Oliver’s got to work under him and do all what he says). Noah ordered him to quickly open the windows. He was Oliver’s enemy and was jealous of him, he usually pulls his hair. They attended to many funerale and Oliver became a mourner who puts on black hat and coat or dark jacket.

One day Noah said terrible things about Oliver’s mother and Oliver’s face went red with anger, he beat him not minding the fact that Noah was older and bigger that him. Mrs. Sowerberry and a servant came to the kitchen because the heard Noah shout and instead os separatine both fighters the womwn joined Noah and with the help of the servant too they all beat Oliver. When Mr. Bumble arrived to the workshop he told the woman that the cause of all was because she gives him too much meat (dog’s meat of corse). When Mr. Sowerberry came back from work that same night he flogged Oliver with a strong cane. Poor Oliver fell on his knees and cried all night; he shared too many tears for a wicked boy and the next morning he took his belongings in a handkerchief and quietly left for London.

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