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“The Tiger” - John Vaillant

"The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival" is a novel written by the English author John Vaillant.
This novel, which can be considered as fictional story, tells a true story: it is a shipment by the Russian government's military to kill a tiger who threatened families living in Siberia. In particular, the work tells about an adventurous clash between man and tiger in a particularly impervious and wild area like the one in which the Amur flows.
In this context, halfway between legend and reality, in a hostile environment in which survival is difficult not only for man but also for the animals we live in, this strange challenge of life or death is met by man and animal, between the spirit of the forest and the human being, where in the end it is not clear who the hunter is and whom the hunt is.
The story is surely adventurous, but is complemented by a myriad of information that is slowing down its course.
We are in the presence of almost an essay on the tiger in general and that of the Amur in particular, but not only, there are numerous and interesting references to anthropology, geography, ethology, ecology, and Russian history.
All of these notions that are well integrated with the story, however, prevail over the narrative itself of the story.
In the narration we follow Jurij Trush's investigation as the plot of a yellow one. Trush has a very difficult task: to ensure that coexistence between tigers and men takes place without incident. Defend one from the other and vice versa.
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