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"Want You Dead" - Peter James

"Want You Dead" was written by Peter James and was published in 2014.
Inspector Roy Grace is committed to solving a much more complicated case than expected because Bryce Laurent has designed a very atrocious revenge plan for Miss Red Westwood, who is his former companion.
Love stories do not last forever, and when it happens, one of them does not accept the end of the story, and that's exactly what happened in Bryce. The two had known through an announcement, and had lived a true love story, just like that of fairy tales, but Bryce turned out to be a violent, impulsive, jealous and obsessive person. Despite this, Red initially accepted the nature of her boyfriend, until one day she discovered a private detective who is actually Bryce Laurent, and decides to break this love story.
But Bryce does not accept the fact that the love story is over and begins to persecute Red, spy on it, and scare her, forcing her to live under police protection for a few years to feel safe until Bryce's time passes it remains only a very distant and distant memory.
So, for Red, life could continue normally, and for a long time she was attending a young boy who made her feel happy and safe.
But Bryce also had great plans for the future, specially focused on her ex, and was ready to return.
Bryce is a bad and thirsty person of revenge, violence and is perceived by the way the author describes him, from the dialogues, descriptions of his thoughts, his "projects", but he is also very clever, smart, calculator, so Inspector Roy Grace and his associates will have to do everything to make sure that their plans are not realized.
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