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The Lamb - W. Blake

The poem is made of two stanzas and has a rhyme couplets. It’s written in a very simple form and language, with the frequent use of repetitions and alliterations, and it sounds like a song because of its type of reading and the repetitions. There’s a division between the two stanzas: the first one asks the question “who made thee?”, while the second one answer. The Lamb is the symbol of innocence and represents the child, because they share innocence and freedom (here there are references to the Bible, because it’s often used the expression “the Lamb of God”, both for Jesus Christ and for all the people). The two are both God’s creations and are similar to him. Blake makes a symbolic description of the Lamb, explaining his behavior (meek and mild) and describing his physical appearance( he has wooly clothing, bright and soft because is white). Everything is a symbolic picture alluding to innocence. Because of his simplicity and fluency, it sounds like a nursery rhyme, but there are lots of hidden meanings. There’s an idea of harmony, perfection, peace, in all the poem. In the second stanza is revealed that who created the Lamb is God, a good God, a God of love, a positive one, something like a God that loves mankind and everyone. The poem is about the Creator and not the Lamb.
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