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In this poem, written by one of the most important authors of the romantic age in England, William Wordsworth, it’s expressed the concept that, while human life is spending and man grows up, there will be forever the astonishment for a natural phenomenon like a rainbow in the sky. In this poem there is also a very important line where the poet says that “ the child is the father of the man “: there are different interpretations of the line. In fact this line could refer to Jesus that is the son of God and at the same time father of the whole human genre, or could refer to the cycle of the life where the son becomes father and his sons become fathers too. At the end of the poem there is also the wish of the poet that wants that all his days will be bound by the natural piety: with this image he wants to express the concept that men should be bound each to each. Besides the word “ piety “ refers to the Roman concept of pietas, the love and the pity between two people.
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