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Samuel Beckett

Beckett has the capability to express the concept of absurdity in an artistic work.
“Waiting for Godot” beats and scrubs language. No sense. Incapability to communicate. The communication is continuously broken. It’s impossible to understand. Life and society are considered absurd so plays are representation of absurdity. The audience apparently is thinking that it’s uncompressible but there’s a sort of complicity. We don’t know who Godot is, he is not represented, he is simply mentioned. They are waiting for Godot and they are obliged by him to wait. In arts is important to demonstrate that nothing is relate in a logical way. Arts itself is unable to communicate. Tramp-like-figures nothing can be represented, everything is destroyed. Everything is a sort of failure. Arts represents the incapability of people to communicate. Godot never arrives, he is mysterious. He could be the possibility to live, a sort of hope. They want to go but they can’t. they have no future. Desolation because there’s no water like the desolation of Beckett’s characters. In Eliot there’s a possibility to continue living in this play. Nothing is meaningful in their existence, they do not remember. There’s no past, no present, no future. There are tragic-comic situation. Impossibility to communicate. Continuous misunderstanding. Monotony go on, the arrive of Pozzo interrupted ths. The message “Godot is not arriving” interrupted their routine. Estragon and Vladimir want to abandoned the idea of waiting for Godot but they continued to stay. Something happened but the same thing again and again, it’s a negative routine. No memory of the past. They have no real personality. The character don’t know who they are. They simply stay together in that place. Vladimir and Extragon have not a relationship in which they communicate. In the dialogue there’s confusion, philosophical and metaphysical complex. Their dialogue is strange and parts of the dialogue are not related. Tragi comedy as tragic as comic at the same time. Godot is the central absence and he is what gives coesion. Vladimir and Extragon are destined to finish their existence but they are unable to go away. “Well that passed the time” short sentence and many questions. Memory is not important, they try to remember what they forgot. Pozzo talks to Lucky but there’s no reason for cruelty. Time is passing over they are unable to understand the reason why they are changing. Their existence is meaningless. What they are saing is not related. There’s no form of salvation.
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