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She was born in England in 1775 and studied at the Abbey school at Reading. She had an uneventful life and was brings up by his father-the rector of the parishes of Stevenson and Deane in Hampshire. She began writing soon, so she is the heir to the narrative technique and irony if Fielding and to e psychological analysis of Richardson. The task of the write is that to play of the romantic age and the gothic.
She wrote novel of manners where she described the life of the provincial middle-class with the precision of a miniaturist. Her characters reveal themselves through dialogue. She isn't neoclassic because believes that everyone has to control the emotions. She died in Winchester in 1817.

Pride and Prejudice

It was published in 1813 anf tells the story of few families who lives in a country village of the south-east England. The characters are two: Mr Darcy, a handsome gentleman and Elizabeth Bennet, an intelligent woman who doesn't like Darcy's haughty behaviour. They are both pride for two different reasons; he is proud of his social position and she isn't rich but is the daughter of a gentleman, but are conditioned by prejudice. But they lost them when falls in love each others.

This work is her masterpiece because the story is full of sheer amused and superb irony, but devoid of bitterness.
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