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In this way they came to be considered their servants and wore their livery, but they had their own posistion in society.
The most famous courtiers became patrons o actors; among them the Earl of Leicester, the Lord Chamberlain, the Lord Admiral, and later King James I himsself.
The drama represented the main Court entertainment.
Henry VIII had appointed a Master of the Revels whose aim was to seperinted the perfomances.

Public players were normally employed; in this way the Court helped them and contributed to the survival of the popular theatre.
A public company was very much like a commercial enterprise, in which all the partners were sharers.
Each company had its own dramatist, and the plays had to suit the actors, both physically and in particular aspects of their personalities.
This is why the main character in Shakespeare's plays becomes gradually older at first Romeo, then Hamlet, Othello, King Lear: the main actor remained with the company, and he was getting older.
In the 16th century women did not appear on the stage, and female parts were performed by boys.
This was only possible until their voices changed, so there were not many boy actors available; as a result there were not many women among the characters.
The plays were the property of each company, and this company which hads the best playwright was the mos successful.
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