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-The Development of Drama-

Drama was the main form of Elizabethan art.
Entertainment was rooted in the communal life of medieval towns and villages.
Drama was addressed to a mixed public, more trained in listening than in reading.
Cities' authorities were against public performances, but the Queen enjoyed plays.

Because authorities were against public plays, theatres were usually built in suburbs, like Southwark in London.
But then, with the development of a mercantile society, started being built new theatres.
The playwrights source's were from old plays, ballads, sermons.

The Elizabethan Theatre was linked with Italian Plays, Greek Theatre and also with some Latin writers, like Seneca.
The English Theatre was inspired from Niccolò Machiavelli works' for displaying horrors, vices and corruption.
From the Greek theatre, the Elizabethan one took some features, like being public or nationalistic and being a celebrating theatre for English history.
Moreover Seneca influenced this theatre in the division of the play in five acts, in the tragic incidents.
One of the most popular Drama of the time was “The Spanish Tragedy” of Thomas Kyd, a play influenced by Seneca, full of horror, mixed with Machiavellian ingredients; it had a play within the play.