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The Tudors: Henry VII

After the war of the Roses emerged the Tudors dynasty with Henry VII who defeated Richard III, last of the house of York at the battle of Bosworth in 1485. With Henry VII, England saw a period of financial and governmental stability. In fact at the end of Shakespeare’s Richard III he makes an appearance as a national redeemer.
When Henry VII died, his son Henry came to the throne opening the new golden age, called so because he maintained a magnificent court.

The reformation

The reformation which took place in the first half on the 16th century had the effect of dimishing the international power of the Roman Church as he wanted to divorce to Catherine of Aragon, who had b ore him only a daughter. So, with "Act of Supremacy” he proclaimed himself supreme head of the church of england and as one of the most important scholar, Thomas more was against act, he ordered to behead him. Other important event was the closing of the monasteries ,and in their place were opened the kings schools, many such as that in Canterbury are still open today.
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