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Healt in Tudor times

Life in Tudor times was very unhealthy. Nine out of ten people died before the age 40. Many children died before they were two years old. There are several reasons why people died so young.
* At the first, in thss period the people didn’t understand the causes of disease. For example, Tudor doctors didn’t wash their hands because they didn’t know dirty hands have germs, which cause disease.

* At the second, the city streets were very dirty. People didn’t have toilets. They usually used a hole in the ground or a buckets into the street. Because of this the streets were very dirty and became another cause of disease in the cities. People in the village were very poor but they usually had clean water.
* At the thir, people didn’t know how to be healthy. Because of this, they often drank dirty water and ate food that wasn’t always fresh. They didn’t know about the importance of keeping food and kitchens really clean.
When people became ill, Tudor doctors had horrible cures and medicines. For example, Tudor doctors used leeches to suck blood or of sick people as they believed that too much blood caused disease. Amazingly, today’s doctors and micro surgeons use leeches to cure blood pressure.
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