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Influences on he English Reinassance:
The influence of Italian writers and of Greek and Latine cultures had a strong impact on the development of English Renaissance literature. A new way of writing poetry come in imitation of “Il Canzoniere” by Petrarch. Classical and Italian books in traslation became important sources of inspiration for the new English drama.

Sonnet and Sonnetters:
Sir Thomas Wyatt and the Earl of Surrey introduced the sonnet in England. Wyatt varied the Petrarchan form, changing the sestet into a quartain and a couplet. The structure of English sonnet is 4+4+4+2. Courtly poets used the sonnet as their favourite form to write love poems after a Petrarchan model. They started a sonnet vogue and created conventional omage to express love. Some poets managed to break stereotyped artificial conventions in their sonnet sequenze: one of this was Shakespeare in his 154 sonnets which range from satires to a variety of themes. The English sonnet ha salso been called Shakespearean ever since.

Enfglish Renaissance Sonnets:
The standard theme of the English Renaissance sonnets was that a courtly love. This form of love was also used as a metaphor of their homage to a patroness or the Queen herself. Other themes were their Lady’s beauty and virtues the transiente of life,and the immortalising power of poetry. The language was that of poetic diction, with refined, ornate, polysyllabic Latinate words, considered suitable for poetic effcts. Shakespeare used a wide variety of style and content. The poet refuses to write conventionally of love and always surprises the reader’s expectations. He addresses a young man to suggest a homosexual relationship and a woman a so called “Dark Lady”.
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