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The English renaissance
In England the renaissance arrived after than in italy and had the greatest splendour with the Elizabethans, encouraged by the queen. in this period there was the rediscovery of classical cultures(Latin and Greek)but also of the philosophy,science,history etc….,and always in this period two historical eventsin particular were on fundamental importance: the fall of the city of costantinoplein 1453 and expulsion of the jews from Spain .

The Italian influences on the English renaissance
the Italian influence was very hard and catched in the English renaissance,determining the presents of men” all rounders” such as Leonardo da vinci who was philosopher, mathematician, pointer etc Baldassarre Castiglione with his work IL LIBRI DEL CORTEGIANO and Niccolò Macchiavelli,with the PRINCE translated into English until 1602.

The influence of Plato
The English literature of renaissance was inspired by the Greek philosopher Plato. His philosophy was also more mystical and open to interpretation. Plato believed that our knowledge of the world came not from the senses, but from a type of reminiscence of memory of what that called idea. Plato described our sensory experience of the world similar to that of people trapped in a cave. The sun is important for Plato because it present the source of truth. Another crucial element in Plato’s idea of knowledge is judgment. we must be able to judge the true essence from false appearance.

Renaissance prose
Prose in England was often a vehicle or philosophical and scientific discourse and religious sermons. Many poets wrote texts that dealt with an ideal society, such as Thomas More’s Utopia and Francis Bacon’s The New Atlantis. in that period there was another form of religious discourse, the sermon. the most important poet of this genre was John Donne, that used many metaphors
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