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Elizabettian Theatre
Before the permanent theatres there existed professional actors or travelling players who toured around giving public performances on movable platforms called pageants often in town squares or inn yards; until the first permanent theatre that was erected in 1576 by James Burbage, stood just outside the city of London. Among the theatres, most famous was the Globe theatre built by Shakespeare’s company in London on the South bank of the Thames.

The Globe
The Globe theatre was built by Lord Chamberlain’s Men (Shakespeare’s company) in 1599 in London, when the contract of the company with the “theatre” ran out, and it was forced to go away. Like other theatres of the period was an open air without lights, which meant that performances had to take place in the daytime. There was no stage set so the audiences had to imagine the setting of the play for themselves and, the players were surrounded by the public on three sides, creating between actor and audience a more intimate dimension, which will represent the true peculiarity of Shakespeare’s theatre. In 1613 the Globe burned for mistake during the performance of Henry VIII, but it was reconstructed remaining theatre until 1642 year in which it was closed down by the Puritans for then to be razed to the ground.
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