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-William Shakespeare-

William Shakespeare was born at Stratford on Avon in April 1564, possibly on 23 April, which is also said to be the date of his death. His father was a yeomen and a successful tradesman, but then he had some financial problems.
William attended the local grammar school, which gave him a ground for the use of language and classical authors.

He married Anne Hathaway and they had a daughter.
In 1584 Shakespeare left Stratford and went to London, where he first came in contact with the world of theatre; he started his career as an actor, but then he switched to writing plays, being an excellent writer.
In 1593 the London theatres were closed because of the plague, so Shakespeare needed the support from a private patron; he found this support with the Earl of Southampton; but then when the theatres reopened, William Shakespeare became the main playwright (=commediografo) of the most successful company of actors in London, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, which also built the Globe Theatre.
Mainly Shakespeare wrote historical dramas, but he wrote also ten comedies, ranging from farce to romance.
The last years of his life he went back to Stratford, where he died when he was 52 and was buried in the local church.
After his death, some of his friends published the ‘First Folio’, a volume where there were thirty-six plays written by Shakespeare.