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The sonnet

The sonnet is a poetical composition made up of 14 lines organised in two quatrens and two tercets.
The sonnet was born in Sicily during the XIII century but is Petrarca who established the Sonnet as an important poetical form.
Petrarca was a writer who has written the "Canzoniere" concerning his love for Laura.
In the Petrarca's Sonnet, in the first two quatrens, there is the same
rime schema and he usually introduced a subject or an idea.
In the last two tercet ne gives the solution of the problem. To Petrarca the form is more important then the content.
During the XIV andò the XV century the italiano Sonets written by Petrarca were proposed in England where they were translated, written and elaborated again, until they become something of different.
Tomas Wyat translated Petrarca's Sonnet following the dame rime schema, his attitude andò his content.
Another important writer was the Earl of Surrey and whit him the Sonet changed. He organised it in three quatrens and a final cuplet rinning together. These changes are because English has not many words rinning together ad italian.

The new rime schema represent the desire of contrast, different of the opinions that characterized that period.
In the first quatren it is introduced an idea, in the second and in the third there is a problemi and in the final couplet is given a solution.

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