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Aristotelian tragedy, which became a model for all Classical tragedy, was traditionally divided into 3 parts or Acts.
A fourth act of Burlesque, a comic interlude, was often added at the end to calm the audience after the cathartic experience of the first time.
Classical tragedy developed with Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides from one choric voice to three or more dramatic vboices.

Aristotle also defined Comedy in the Poetics, describing how, unlike tragedty, comedy deals with common, everyday people and situations, to which definition Sir Philip Sidney.
The English word sonnet comes from the Italian word sonetto meaning song.
Generally it is a song speacks about the poet's love for a lady, described as a kind of religipus devotion to the lady which derives from the Troubador tradition.
The sonnet became la major poetic form of Italian poetry during the 14th century.
The most important Italian sonneteers include Guinizelli, Cavalcanti and Petrarch.
Unlike the Ballad form, which proposed a type of dialogue between two or more persons in the description of a public struggle, the Sonnet proposeas the monologue as the expression of a private sensibility, in which the reader becomes the intimate interlocutor the discourse.
The love is certainly the most important theme in the Sonnet.
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