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It is original in comparison to the Petrarchian sonnet and it functions as a ling between the Petrarchan sonnet and the Shakesperean sonnet.
It 1497 Oxford University, the centre of English academia, once so adamant in its attack on Wycliffe and the Lollards, great upholder of Medieval scholastic philosophy as representedn by Duns Scotus, was shocked and suprised by the Humanist approach to religion conducted by Colet, a young merchant's son from London.

John Colet, Italian Renaissance, reinterpreted Pagan Italian Renaissance ideas in a moral and Humanist vision.
Colet was supported in his views by the great Dutchn theologian, Erasmus, and together, these so-called Oxford Reformers began an intellectual attack on the stabilished Church and theology, denouncing as dunces all those who refused their views.
Their attack was launched against all forms of corruption, including image and icon worship, the sale of relics and pardons and the libertinism of Priests and Clergy.
They also made an attack on the wealth of the Church, which was to have an enormos consequences under Henry VIII.
Colet became the Dean of St Paul's and founded Grammar School, which was organized along the lines of the Classical Humanism of the Italian Renaissance.
The study of Greek, the Classical authors and Ciceronian Latin was introduced.
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