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The Roman invasion

The Romans invaded Britain in 55 B.C but only in the year 43-47 they conquered it. They managed to conquer only the south while the north was under military occupation.

Roman in Britain

The Roman brought their culture when they went in Britain, they made some roads, towers and structures many of which are still in existence today. The had got three kinds of towns: coloniae, peopled by roman settlers; the municipia, where lived the new roman how were they who given roman citizenship; the civitates, which were the old Celtic capital. Many towns, also today, were army camp and their name derived from the name latin “castra

Hadrian’s Wall

The Romans didn’t manage to conquer the north of England, the Caledonia, so emperor Hadrian order to build a wall for to mark the border of their territories.

The end of Roman control

Roman control of Britain finished when the Roman had to came back for to defend Rome against the barbarian raiders. So the Romanised Celts were left alone against the Scots, the Irish and Saxon.

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