The anglo-Saxon civilization was an invading culture. However, it was not the first civilization to invade the British isles. Julius Caesar first landed in Britain in 55 B.C. and recorded his impressions in his Commentaires, describing the two tribes that inhabited the island: the Pict, Scottish tribes in the north and the Britons, a Celtic people in the rest of country.
In A.D. 43 the Romans returned in force and stayed for more than three hundred years. The Picts remained hostile and were pushed further north, while the Britons gradually Assimilated many aspects of Roman civilization.
by the beginning of the 5th century A.D., the Roman empire began to fall, and the legions in Britain were recalled to defend Rome itself from invasion. when the legions abandoned Britain, they left the door open for a new wave of barbaric invaders from northern Europe: the Anglo-Saxons. The new invaders were Germanic tribes known as Angles, Saxons and Jutes, and from A.D. 499 they began to occupy different parts of the new country, pushing the original inhabitants, the Britons and Celts, into the northern and western parts of the island. Angles established them in Northumbria and Mercia, that take place in the North of island; Jutes estalblished them in Kent (in the south) and Saxons in Essex, Middlessex,etc. around the 9th century new invasions began from other Germanic tribes from the area of Scandinavia: the DANES and VIKINGS, know also like NORSEMEN. The began to attack the kingdoms of Northumbria and Kent.these invasions also redisegned the cultural and literary wap of Britain at the time; in fact all the monasteries of this time became an important centre of culture, but Danish and Vikings were people that no love culture, in fact they love war etc.
besides in 1066 the Normans invaded Britain; the Normans was a people of Nordic origin who defeated the last Saxon king at the battle of Hastings.
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