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Roman civlization in Great Britain

The Romans arrived in Britain in 55 B.C. After conquering Gaul (Gallia), Julius Caesar’s aims were not only to conquer Britain, but also to discourage the Celts to support the french Gauls in their battles against the Romans. Britain was a far and wild land for the Romans an Julius Caerar tried several time sto reach and conquer teh island without.
In 43 A.D. Emperor Claudius sent a lager army to conquer Britain. At first Celts fought them bravely, but then they surrendered. The Romans brought thei civilization to Britain, they built roads (some of which are still used), baths, cities, (London, Bath, Canterbury, Chester etc..) temples, theatres, towns.
They also exploited the mines and the forests to built buildingst and bridges. These constructions were’t know by the Celts, who absorbed completely the roman building techniques, their culture and their way of living. Besides, the Romans who were literated people also introduced orla and written Latin, which became the main written form durino that period and until the Middle Ages, while the Celtic language remained an oral form of expression-Laws were applied for the first time and the Roman social order became predominant. There were, infact, two main social classes: The Roman nobles and the Celts who were farmers, worriors or slaves. During the Roman occupation, Britain enjoyed a peaceful period. They major part of the Romans settled in the South in the Est and in the West of England, but they never reached Scotland, which was called Caledonia by the Romans. Infact, the Scottish ribes called Scots and Pits opposed themselves fiercely to the Romans. In 121 A.D. Hadrian (76-138 A.D.), built the Hadrian’s wall in order to sign the border between England and Scotland and stop thei attacks. The Celts held their own religion until Christianity was introduced in the 6th-7th century.
The Roman conquest finished in 410 A.D. and Britain was abandoned by the Romans, whose empire was at collapsing point.
Britain without the Roman control, became an easy land to conquest especally fot the invaders who came from the North-East Europe: the Anglo Saxons.
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