The Celtic

They arrived to Britain from north west Germany around the 700.
Now their language remains in welsh and it is spoken in Wales and in Scotland.
They were different from the Mediterranean, in fact they were tall and muscular, had fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair.
They were farmers, hunters and fisherman.
They had their ceremonies in the heart of forest and not in temples.

The Celts worshipped the natural elements, such as the Sun, the Moon, the trees and the river. They believed in immortality and in transmigration of the soul from one person to another.

The Romans

They invaded the Britain in 55 B.C., but they conquered the Britain in the years 43-47 under Emperor Claudius.
The Romans built town and connected them with roads, many of which are still in existence today.
There were three different kind of towns : the coloniae , peopled by Roman settlers; the municipia, where the inhabitants had Roman citizenship; the civitates, capitals by the old Celtic.

The Anglo Saxons

In the 5th century they migrated to Britain by sea. They came from three German tribes, the Angles, the Saxon and the Jutes. The Anglo Saxon migrations gave Britain its new name : England, “the land of Angles”
They used only the runic alphabet, which was used for carving inscriptions on stone or metals and not for writing records.
The Anglo Saxon society :After the king, the most important members of Anglo Saxon society were the eorls, a kind of hereditary aristocracy, and the thegns, warriors who devoted their life to hunting, war, collecting taxes and to the administration of justice. Lows were not created.
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