The Renaissance

The most important changes were:
1. the introduction of the New Learning
2. the English Reformation
3. the importance of new active middle classes
4. the growth of the City of London
5. the formation of England as a national state
6. the development of overseas commerce

Henry VIII was the ideal king of the Renaissance because he was a good musician and scholar. The most important event of this period was the breach with Rome. Another important person was Elizabeth I the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She devoted her life to the creation of a modern England. From a literary viewpoint the most important event was the revival of interest in classical culture: The Humanism. The ideals focused attention on man. In this period Drama was the national literary manifestation of the time.
William Shakespeare he is considered one the greatest playwright of all times. His literary career is divided in four periods. In the third period there is Hamlet.


Prince the plot Hamlet learns from his father’s ghost that the present king of Denmark (Hamlet’s uncle) Claudius murdered him after seducing his wife Gertrude (Hamlet’s mother). Hamlet wants to revenge his father’s death. Hamlet pretends to be mad and refuses the love of Ophelia who drawns herself. Hamlet kills Ophelia’s father Polonius. Hamlet arranges the performance of play representing his uncle’s crime. Hamlet puts off his revenge till the end. During a duel between Hamlet and Ophelia’s brother Laertes, Hamlet kills Laertes but he is mortally wonded. Gertrude drinks from a poisoned cup prepared for Hamlet and dies. Hamlet kills the king and soon he also dies.

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