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Renaissance prose

The English Renaissance was the age of Shakespeare, sonnet and drama but nonetheless most literary works were produced in prose: for example travel reports, love stories, philosophical essays, handbooks about business, sermons and translations were flourishing among the publications. Many works told about journeys and customs of other countries and the English language transformed thanks to the great number of imported words. This transformation accompanied a change in the themes told and writers started to describe everyday life and ordinary people. Medieval characters such as knights and kings slowly disappeared in favor of merchants, teachers and explorers. The prose was enriched with realistic details and the pieces of work had to be educational. This was also the new doctrine of Protestantism which was against imagination and works that had the mere purpose of amusing the reader. The most important classical authors of the time were More, Robert Greene, John Lyly, Thomas Nashe. Francis Bacon, an important empirical philosopher with a remarkable interest in the natural world was the first and best example of a new scientific growing tendency. The bestseller of the Early Renaissance was the translation of the Bible written by the theologian Tyndale.

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