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"MACBETH" by William Shakespeare

First Act - Macbeth is a great general that quells a dangerous revolt in the kingdom of Scotland, making his king very proud of him. But three witches want to make a spell against him, so tell him that he will be lord of Cawdor and then, king of Scotland. Less after, he really becomes lord of Cawdor. From that moment the ambition starts to haunt his mind and, with the inducement of lady Macbeth, who is thirsty of power, he decides to kill the king Duncan. Duncan is celebrating the victory in Macbeth's castle, so it will be simple to kill him and turn the guilt to his servants, while all of them are asleep.

Second Act - Macbeth kills Duncan and is shocked by his own action. While he's making the murder, hears the servants to say frightful things and, afraid to be discovered, he kills them the day after, pretending that he has done it because of the hate for the murderers of his king. All the people are desperate and the atmosphere is dreadful. Malcolm and Donalbain, king's sons, have understood the danger for them and that the guilt isn't of the servants, so they decide to escape, one to England and one to Ireland. Because of their speed flight, many people think that king's sons are who have ordered the murder to the servants. Macbeth is already left to Scone to be invested king.

Third Act - Macbeth is worried about Banquo. Banquo is a general that was with him when they met the three witches. The witches predicted that Banquo's son would be king. Banquo is very wise and Macbeth doesn't feel sure in his throne. So decides to make him to killed by some hired assassins and so to his son Fleance. But they can only kill the general and Fleance escapes. There's a party in Macbeth's castle but Banquo's ghost arrives, only the new king can see him. He he's scared and seems mad to all the presents. But Lenox and Macduff, two lords that were in the castle when Duncan died, have understood what Macbeth did. Macduff has already escaped to England with Malcolm, under the protection of king Edoardo.

Fourth Act - Macbeth questions the witches again. They make to come three apparitions that speak to the king. The first tells him to pay attention to Macduff, the second that none who has kept birth by a woman could kill him, the third that he couldn't be won until Birnan wood gets up. Finally he sees a procession of kings where Banquo's sons are. The witches disappear. Macbeth knows by a messenger that Macduff is in England and decides to kill him. Macbeth's hires assassins can't find him but go into his castle and kill his wife and his sons. There will be a war between England, that has the prince Siward for captain, and Scotland. Macduff, furious for the murder of his family, Malcolm, Ross and others indignant, will fight against Macbeth.

Fifth Act - Lady Macbeth's mind is destroyed by the remorse, and she kills herself. Macduff, Siward, Ross and many English soldiers attack Scotland. Before to go to Dunsinane, where is Macbeth's castle, Malcolm make all the soldiers carry a branch at Birman wood over their heads, to hide their real number. So Birman wood gets up and moves to Dunsinane. Macbeth decides to fight, kills Siward's son and is attacked by Macduff. Macbeth tell him the second prediction but Macduff had been taken off his mother before the birth, so he can kill Macbeth, and does it. Dead Macbeth, Malcolm becomes the new king of Scotland.

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