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Macbeth fall is not a sudden one

The Macbeth fall was a long process, his kingdom didn't finished suddenly. The starting point of this process can be traced with the encounter among Macbeth, Banquo and three shady figures, the witches. Those witches foresaw at Macbeth a prophecy of his futurity, telling him his future rise to power becoming firstly baron of Cawdor and secondly the next heir to the throne of Scotland. Afterwards that his wife became aware of the prophecy, and she also came to know of his husband new peerage as baron of Cawdor as the prophecy foresaw, she persuaded Macbeth to commit a regicide. Duncan, the king, was sleeping when he was killed by Macbeth during the night that he was spending at Macbeth stronghold. In short Macbeth became the Scotland's king and the first part's prophecy came true. Despite the regicide Macbeth's reign was nevertheless destined to be short-lived, inasmuch as the second part's prophecy foresaw the next hire would have to descend by his fellow army Banquo. Macbeth ordered to kill Banquo and even his son Fleance. However Fleace managed to escape. Accordingly, tormented by fear, stress and affliction for the regicide he committed, Macbeth started to show the strain that he couldn't really control himself during the dinner banquet at his castle. Macbeth began to have hallucinations, he could see the Banquo's ghost seat in front of him. At last there is the final stage of his descendant and the second part's prophecy become true. In fact the prophecy foresaw that Macbeth would have been invincible in battle until the time when the forest would have move towards his stronghold at Dunsinane. So Duncan son, Malcom, decided to disguised his army as branches' trees for attack Macbeth. The very last part's prophecy foresaw that Macbeth would have been kill by a "not born of woman" enemy. McDuff, that was born by Cesarean section killed Macbeth. All those these events compose Macbeth fall from the begin to the end.

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