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Tudor Dinasty

In 1485 Henry VII become the king of England.
He limited the power of the barons and the nobles and succeeded in restore order in the reign after the War of the Roses; also when he died in 1509 he left a lot of wealth at his son.
Then Henry VIII succeeded him, at first he married Catherine of Aragon, and they have a son, Mary.
When the king's mistress Anne Bolen was pregnant of Elisabeth, he wanted annul his marriage by the Pope, who accepted.

But the Emperor didn't agree, however they married.
So Rome didn't recognize its and Henry declared the Church of England independent of Rome.
Next 1547, when the famous king died, Edwards VI, his only son, ruled when he was only ten.
Later in 1553 Mary Queen, the daughter of Catherine of Aragon, succeeded in the throne: she was a devout catholic and she was opposed to her father.
In fact she persecuted Protestant so she was called “the bloodroot”.
She married Philips II, king of Spain, to reinforce her Christian intentions.
She died in 1558.
After that Elizabeth became the queen, she was a great monarch.
She was called “Virgin Queen” because she refused to marry a monarch for protect her country of other dominations.
Whit her England became one of the most powerful country: it discovered “Virginia” in 1584; it was a colonial power and it was able to defend its self from the attacks of Philip II with a small navy.
Queen Elizabeth reinstated the Anglican religion and reintroduced “The Book of Common Prayer”.
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