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The plot of this play is simple. Prince Hamlet learns from his father’s ghost that the present king of Denmark, his uncle Claudius, had murdered him after seducing his wife Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother. The father’s ghost ordered to Hamlet to revenge his death, so Hamlet pretended to be mad and refused the love of Ofelia. So she became mad and killed herself.
After Hamlet killed Ofelia’s father, Polonius, because he was spying a conversation between Hamlet and his mother. Then Hamlet wants to plan the performance of a play representing his uncle’s crime. The play confirms Claudius is guilty. At the end his uncle organise a fencing match between Hamlet and Ofelia’s brother, Laertes. During this duel Hamlet kill Laertes, but is in his turn a mortaly wound. Meanwhile Gertrude drinks from a poisoned cup prepared for Hamlet, and dies. So Hamlet gave the poisoned cup to his uncle in order to kill him. At the end everybody died and the primary order was re-establish.
Hamlet is a learn man, a thinking man, a pessimist man and an introspective man. His indecision comes from the contrast between the urge to act and the necessity to think.
He is the typical man of the Renaissance, because he always studies, that’s why he looks for solutions of his problems into books.
In this play Shakespeare analyses the two situations of life and death.
For Hamlet life is: struggle, suffering, fear and ill.
Hamlet doesn’t know if is better to be a man or nobody, whether to go on living or die, whether to act and kill or give up.
He thinks at the human problems in general. Hamlet has a pessimistic view of life and he prefers to die like dreaming or sleeping but he is afraid of the unknown after death.
Hamlet is more willing to think, thinking too much he cannot decide. He isn’t a good king for Shakespeare because he isn’t able to decide.
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