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Edmund Spenser

Edmund Spenser was bom in London and studied at merchant TayIors'schooI and at Pembroke college. he published shepheardes calendar, a series oftwelve pastorals poems written in the tradition of Virgil's ecoglues.The masterpiece of Edmund Spenser is the Faerie Queen, an allegorical romance untinished. the central themes of the work are tbe queen Gloriarma and a series chivalrous adventures. The basis for Spenser's choice of virtues is Aristotle's philosophy reshaped to renaissance and protestant requirements, besides Spenser is important because we have be him an important form of sonnet which is called Spenserian stanza. Other important works are amoretti and epithalamion dedicated to his wife Elizabeth Boyle.

One day l wrote her name

one day I wrote her name is taken from Amoretti, a series of 88 sonnets which ilIustrate the course of the poet's courtship of Elizabeth Boyle,of whom he praises both her physical and spiritual beauty. Amoretti was published in 1595 and is inspired by the tradition of courtly love poetry. One day l wrote her name, like many other poems of the renaissance period, is also a reflection on tbe poet's possibility ofachieving immortality through his art.[the poet wants to write his lady's name ofstrand, but it is impossibIe, because tbe waves washed it. so his lady says he's vain because he tries to do something, that is impossible: to immortalise a mortal thing. He answer to her that their love will not die, because his verse eternise her virtues, so their love shalllive forever. The love is stronger than the death

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