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Evoluzione della lingua inglese

The development of the english language:

OLD ENGLISH ( 449-1100) knew also as anglo-saxon
• Derivered from the fusion of the language spoken by the Jutes, the Angles and the Saxon, three Germanic tribes. They invaded Britain in the 5th century
• It was not a compact language but was made up of 4 dialects: north umbrian, mercian, kentish, west saxon.
• The Old English was characterezzed by:
1. inflections
2. case for nouns and adjectives
3. the –an ending for infinitives
4. a particular type of sound and spelling
5. a particular type of alphabet called “runes”

MIDDLE ENGLISH (1100-1500)
It was characterezzed by:
1. west saxon was replaced by the mercian dialect
2. a defferent way of stress
3. reduction of inflection
4. semplification of grammatical gender

5. Plural of nouns and genitive singular –(e)s
6. article the
7. changes into vocabulary after the Norman Conquest

MODERN ENGLISH (1500-to the present)
It is divided into 2 stages:
Early moder english (1500-1700) characterizzed by
• changes in pronuntiation
• final –e
• a more uniformed spelling
• culture brought new words
modern english (1700-to the present) characterezzed by:
• control and organization of the language
• new terms from the far-off colonies, the progress in the sience and the technologies
• the functional shift

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