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The development of English Language

English belongs to the Germanic branch of the West Germanic Sub groups of Indoeuropean languages and it is the result of the linguistic contributions made during renumber of invasions and mass migrations over the centuries.
Before becoming the main language of the British Isled, English was preceded by Celtic (spoken by early inhabitans of the island) and then by Latin and finally by the dialects and languages of Germanic and Scandinavian trips from the North Sea.

They contributed to the formation of the tectonic elements of English. Within the development of the language it is possible to distinguish three main periods, known as Old English; Middle English and Modern English.
Old English or Anglosaxon (from 449 to 1100) derived from the gradual fusion of the languages spoken by the Anglo Saxons, the Angles and Jutes, three Germanic trips that invaded Britain in the fifth century.
Middle English (from 1100 to 1500) at first there was a great linguistic confusion when Middle English finally emerges as a literary language, with Chaucer, it was quite different from the Anglo - Saxon one.
Finally, Modern English (from 1500 to the present= is usually subdivided into two stages:
Early Modern English (from 1500 to 1700) and Modern English (from 1700 to the present).