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Poetic convention and self revalation are interdepedent in the Blazon developed sonnet form which is developed as a rational structure for the expression of emotion.
One of the most conventions of the Sonnet tradition is the Blazon, the poetic listing or cataloguing of the various parts of a woman's body, a description in which her physical attributes are compared favourably to natural objects and generally seen to surpass them in their beauty.

The tradition of the Blazon developed in Medieval Chivalric verse and was intruduced in England trough the translations and imistations of the Petrarchan sonnet.
In Shakespeare' s Sonne My Mystress's Eyes, the Blazon is ironically inverted, allowing a comment on both the concept of human beauty and the nature of tradition.
The most famous sonnet form was the Petrarcan sonnet, consisting of fourteen lines of iambic pantametre which spread all over Europe and was widely imitated.
The Petrarchan sonnet with its theme of the love for an idealized woman, continues the Medieval tradition of courtly love.
In Petrarch's poetry everything reminds him of his love for a n, everyline speacks about her.
The sentiment of love is to Petrarch the sentiment of his deeper consciousness, of his mind.
The death of the woman brings great sadness to the poet.
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