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Beowulf is the oldest surviving Anglo-Saxon poem settled in a world based on kinship(=fedeltà) between leader and warriors.
It was composed by a Christian author between 8th and 10th century for horal entertainment,and the first written version was made in 11th century in the Kingdom of Northumbria,and it was reintepreted in a more Christian way.
The poem is settled in Scandinavia:in Sweden,homeland(=patria) of Beowulf and in Denmark,in the kingdom ruled by Hrothgar.
The most scenes of this poem are in Heorot, the mead hall(=corte) of Hrothgar and near a misty lake whaere the second monster lived.

Beowulf beats 3 monsters:

    Grendel,who he hasn't been descripted but we know he was bloodthirsty(=assetato di sangue)

    Grendel's mother,who has been presented as a woman and had a poisonous blood who dissolves every sword(=lama)

    a serpentine dragon:winged and firebreathing(=sputafuoco).

After Beowuld killed Grendel's mother the story shifts(=va avanti) of 50 years,when Beowulf is king of his Swedish homeland and had to beat the serpentine dragon;in the struggle(=battaglia), they killed each other.

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