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The story opens in the kingdom of Denmark, during the reign of the Danish King Hrothgar. The king has built a splendid building called Heorot. Life is peaceful until a monster called Grendel, who lives in a watery cave not far from Heorot, attacks it, killing many of Hrothgar’s noble warriors. The king and his noblemen try to kill the monster without success. Some years later Beowulf, who lives in Geatland, hears of the monster’s ravages and decides to travel to Denmark with fourteen followers, offering King Hrothgar his services. He fights Grendel and mortally wounds the monster. To avenge her son, Grendel’s ogress mother attacks Heorot, kills Hrothgar’s chief counsellor and escapes to her underwater cave carrying the lifeless body of the counsellor. She is killed by Beowulf who follows her into the cave. One day a dragon starts devastating the country and Beowulf sets out to face it. He kills the dragon but is mortally wounded and dies.

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