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The Sages are the first work of Bacon, published for the first time in 1597, about the moral and political life. The Temporis partus masculus is a script very polemic against philosophers both ancient, medieval and Renaissance guilty that he did not have due respect for nature. In fact, he defines the philosophy of the past "steril" and "verbose". With De sapientia veterum Bacon presents the educated public the doctrines of the new philosophy.
In 1608 he began the drafting of the Novum Organum and this worked for almost ten years and introduced her as the second part of instauratio Magna. The work is to oppose Organon of Aristotle in which there is the cataloging of all sciences major. This is because he wants to oppose the study obsolete, that of Aristotle.
With Bacon inaugurates a new intellectual atmosphere and a new way of understanding moral and social science.
He said that the technology had to be like all the other sciences in the service of the world and to improve society. In a book he wrote, The New Atlantis, he suggests an island where the technology through the application of special technologies men live happy.
Against the magical knowledge-alchemical traditional philosophy
Knowledge is knowledge of forms, that is, substances and functions or laws quantified. In the philosophy of Bacon are missing elements that come from the alchemical tradition as the ideal of science as a power to amend the situation natural and human. Bacon rejects magical and alchemical knowledge. Knowledge is a progressive science made of the results obtained by generations of scientists working in collaboration. The true knowledge is knowledge public and written in clear language and intersubjective. Traditional logic is useless for science research.
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