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According to Bacon, the search for forms must continue investigating all known instances. There are three tables: -Presence (Presencia) = where are recorded all instances in which the phenomenon occurs.
-Absence (Absencia) = where some of the cases related to previous but where the phenomenon does not occur.
-Gradi (RANK) = in which are recorded all the cases or instances in which the phenomenon presents itself according to a greater or lesser intensity.

With these boards Bacon proceeds with the operation of induction itself by following the procedure of exclusion or elimination. By exclusion or elimination Bacon meant exactly exclusion or elimination of the hypothesis false. The first harvest is a first hypothesis consistent with the data presented in the three tables and screened through the selective process of elimination and exclusion. At this point you get to two cases that are similar and could be mutually exclusive, then the mind could make an error and then the testing is necessary to dispel any doubt.
The experimentum crucis: Bacon devises a rich set of experimental techniques among which "instances of the cross." The term experimentum crucis (literally "experiment of the cross") refers to an experiment able to discriminate between competing theories. After the crucial experiment we have the theory.To understand the idea of ​​the shape necessary to introduce the concepts of:
-Process latency = the law that regulates the generation and the production of the phenomenon
-schematismo = latent structure of nature, the essence of a natural phenomenon
So understand the form means understanding the structure of a phenomenon, and the law which governs the process.
The induction by elimination
The real purpose of knowledge is reached by implementing a research procedure consists induction by elimination, which is different from that of Aristotle considered him useless.
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