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The method by which we reach the true knowledge

Bacon writes in the Novum Organum that you can act on the phenomena only as long as they know the causes. To this end, he immediately distinguishes between advances interpretations of nature and of nature. Advances notions of nature are derived from limited data and are produced with a wrong method. The interpretations of nature appear difficult and strange, almost similar to the mysteries of faith.
Constitute the true knowledge, that obtained with the true method. There is a method that is a Novum Organum, or a new and effective tool for reaching the truth. The establishment of knowledge (its method) is divided into two phases:
-the first it is the pars destruens and is to clear your mind of those idols or false notions that have invaded the human intellect
-the second is the pars construens that consists in exposure and in the justification of the rules of that method which brings the human mind in contact with reality.
The purpose of science: the discovery of forms
Once freed the mind from idols, man can set about the study of nature. Bacon is in Aristotle's doctrine of the four causes necessary for the understanding of qualasiasi thing: the material cause, efficient, formal and final. You have to know the formal cause to learn about nature. Therefore recognize the shapes of various things or "nature" means to penetrate deep into the secrets of nature and make the most powerful u0mo on it.
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