Video appunto: Different kinds of comedy

ROMANTIC: which contrasted love of young people who finally have an happy ending. They often use a poetry language.

SATIRICAL: this makes fun humans and negative; usually has a moral final. They also have a moralize perple.

RESTAURATION OR OF MANNERS: irony is often used; dialogues are really important; it is addressed to the high society.
It is witty and sometimes critics society.

STORY: description of connected series of events. A story can be told through different plots. The events may be told in chorological order or be given in mixed order.

PLOTS: the way in which the events of the story are organized into a narration.

HISTORICAL NOVEL: is set in past times and the action and lives of colorful characters are set against great historical events.

PICARESCHE NOVEL: it tells about people's adventure on the road. It derives its name from the Spanish, ‘Picaro’=outsiders.

SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL: it is based on future or scientific discovers, it deals with imaginary words, space travels, life on other planets. Its interested derives from the effects on man or scents or technology.

SHORT STORY: short work of fiction written in artistic prose. Carefully built because it must make its point in a few pages. Based on more or less story, acted out by character told by first person narrator. Technically it includes most of the pictures we find in novels but unlike the novel, economy of style and of stricter are essential, the consequence of the short story brevity that it usually in the mind of a situation, media res.