Writing an itinerary/a tour

1)Our tour begins in/with

2)Our tour proceeds along..(Street)

3)Our tour/visit lasts hours,from..(ora) to...(ora)

4)Our tour/itinerary ends around dinner time.

5)Leaving...(luogo)behind us,we go past..(luogo) and reach..(luogo)

6)Our itinerary starts with..(luogo) and continues towards..(luogo)

7)Our day begins/starts with a sightseeing tour in.

8)Our walk starts from..(luogo)

9)Our walk continues towards..(luogo)

10)Our walks starts from..(luogo), which was of exceptional importance in the history of the city.

11)The coach leaves from..(luogo) at..(ora)

12)Our coach takes us to...(luogo)

13)Leaving..(luogo) we had for..(luogo)

14)We next see..(luogo)/We will also see..(luogo)/We will visit..(luogo)/Here we visit..(luogo)

15)Now we head to..(luogo)/after lunch we head off to..(luogo)

16)You start your visit with..(luogo)

17)We walk past..(luogo)

18)We can continue our itinerary towards..(luogo)

19)From..(luogo),it is easy to reach..(luogo)

20)From here it is easy to reach..Square,flanked by medieval buildings.

21)Today we admire..(luogo-monumento etc.)

22)We leave west/south/north/east for..(luogo)

23)This itinerary unwinds along the River..(fiume)

24)Continuing southwards,we reach..(luogo).

25)Continuing along this street/....Street,we soon reach..(piazza),where you can find..(monumento)

26)From..Street,we enter..Street,which leads to..(luogo)

27)Next we enjoy a cruise on..(luogo)

28)We will enjoy a walking tour of..(luogo)

29)Then you can enjoy..(luogo)

30)We will also pay a visit to..(luogo)

31)You will have a chanche to shop in..(luogo)

32)In..(luogo) you will be able to see..(luogo)

33)Next to..(luogo) we can see/there is..(luogo)

34)Here you will be able to walk along.../We will walk past..(luogo)

35)Going down..Street, we reach the square of...,characterized by..(monument), a masterpiece by..(artista), who created it in..(data)

36)...(luogo) is between..Street and..Street.

37)In the north of the city,not far from..(luogo),there is...

38)From..(luogo),the simbol of the city,you can get a magnificient view of the city.

39)The Church of..is in..Street.

40)In..Street there is the church of..famous for...(artista) painted the frescoes of the vault between..(data)and..(data)
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