Video appunto: What to do when examining a patient

What to do when examining a patient

What to do when examining a patient
Introduce yourself
Brief the patient on what will be done (aggiornarlo velocemente): do you know what we’ew going to do today? I’m going to examine you so we can
Instruct the patient in a clear but polite manner
Warn and reassure patient in case of discomfort
Talk the patient through the procedure
Share your findings with the patient even if preliminary
l’attivo si usa per coinvolgere il paziente, il passivo per distanziarlo da me
Poi bisogna essere sicuri che il paziente sia preparato: Are you ready?
Time of onset (quando inizia il dolore)
How long has it been bothering you?
When does/do it/they start?
Time of resolution (quando finisce)
When does it stop?
Aggravating exacerbating factors
Does anything make it them worse?
Is there anything else that affects it/them?
Relieving/alleviating factors
Is there anything that makes it better?
Associated features
Do you feel anything else wrong when it’s there?
How long does it last?
How bad is it/are they?
To ask for more information and details
Use a w/h question:
Where does it hurt?
How well can you see?
How much pain are you in?
Ask for descriptions and narrations:
Could you tell me what happened that day?
Could you describe what you felt in that moment?