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A wreck is a destroyed ship, or what remains of a ship that has sunk. A wreck can also refer to the collision of two vehicles, as in getting into a wreck. Wreck can also be a verb, for example, you can wreck a vehicle by getting into an accident or wreck a relationship by making poor decisions.
Ex: The boys returned to the wreck as many times as possible in order to salvage what they could before the tide came in.
Ex: The man who just changed lanes without looking in his rear-view mirror nearly caused a wreck! People need to be more responsible when driving.
The expression to be a nervous wreck means that you are in a state of great apprehension or anticipation about something, and it is causing distress.
Ex: My brother always seems to be calm, cool, and collected, but he was a nervous wreck at his own wedding.
Ex: I hope Shannon will be able to calm down before the singing competition. I saw her backstage and she honestly looked like a nervous wreck.


Dynamite is an explosive usually produced in stick form, as in a stick of dynamite. In a figurative sense, if something is dynamite, it is dangerous, or potentially explosive to deal with.
Ex: In order for the structure to be demolished safely, the engineers will need to place an appropriate amount of dynamite at strategic locations throughout.
Ex: I refrained from discussing the actress's latest film reviews with her. The film was so poorly reviewed, it was conversation dynamite.
A dynamo is an impressive or very energetic person. If you refer to someone as a dynamo, you are describing them as an overpowering force in a positive sense.
Ex: The young journalist wanted to impress his editor by getting an interview with the latest technology dynamo, but he could not even get his call returned by the impressive young man.
Ex: Despite the fact that each women in the room was a CEO, the scheduled visit by the real estate dynamo had intimidated each one and the room was almost silent as she entered.
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