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A tomb is a small building, usually above ground, designed to hold the remains of one or more of the dead. Tomb can also be used synonymously with grave.
Many old churches have famous people interred in them. The tomb of the physicist Isaac Newton is located inside Westminster Abbey in London, along with the tombs of naturalist Charles Darwin, poet Ben Jonson, and many English monarchs.
Many people feel that there is some sort of afterlife, and some spend much time trying to listen for messages from "the other side of the tomb."
When someone has been buried, you can say that he or she has been entombed. If one wants to say that something is very quiet, you can say that it is as quiet as the tomb.
King Tut's remains were found entombed in a lost series of chambers in Egypt's Valley of Kings. Unlike most of the Pharaohs' final resting places, Tut's tomb had never been ransacked.
After the physics teacher had handed out the final exam, the mood in the room calmed down considerably. After the students began to work on the very difficult test, it was as quiet as the tomb in there.


A mausoleum can be a large and elaborate single tomb, or a building which holds several tombs.
Every time I see a mausoleum, it makes me think of gothic stories by Edgar Allan Poe, such as The Fall of the House of Usher, and I can't help getting a little bit nervous and scared.
Rome's famous tourist attraction, the Castel Sant'Angelo, is actually the mausoleum of the ancient Roman emperor Hadrian. Not many people know that!
Mausoleum can also be used figuratively, to mean any gloomy, forbidding, or excessively quiet room, house, or space.
Although everyone had come expecting a wild party, no one was having a good time. No one was talking to each other, and the mood was decidedly somber. It was a real mausoleum in there.
Every afternoon, Will and Mark passed the old, abandoned Bryerson house on their way home from school. One day, Will said he wanted to sneak inside, but Mark looked at him and said, "Go in that mausoleum? No way!"
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