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The word wrath refers to overwhelming anger at its fiercest. It is a powerful and negative emotion that is considered one of the seven deadly sins.
Ex: My father's wrath was evident. When he is that angry I am a nervous wreck and struggle to keep from crying.
Ex: I could feel my professor's wrath as his voice got louder and his face turned red. He looked like he might explode with anger.
The word wrath can also refer to an action. It is an act of punishment as a result of anger.
Ex: The General brought his wrath down on the opposing forces. His original plan had blown up in his face, and he was after revenge.
Ex: Greek mythology tells stories of Zeus's wrath and the pain it caused humanity. He took aim at their weaknesses in order to punish their sins.

The word gluttony refers to excessive eating and drinking. Because of its greedy and overindulgent nature, gluttony is considered one of the seven deadly sins.
Ex: I cannot stand Jamie's gluttony. The amount she eats is over the top and it is disgusting to watch knowing how many starving children there are in the world.
Ex: Gluttony is not a laughing matter. It can lead to diseases such as diabetes not to mention expanding your waistline.
The phrase glutton for punishment is a popular way to describe someone who takes on too much work or volunteers for unpleasant jobs.
Ex: Janice is really a glutton for punishment. She volunteered to run the school fair for the fourth year in a row even though there were always problems.
Ex: If you are still at work at 9 p.m. you must be a glutton for punishment. You are a dynamo, but you are working too much.
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