Video appunto: Decisive and Crucial


The word decisive means most important. It refers to something that has the power of deciding.
Out of all the arguments made for keeping the park open in the evening, yours was the decisive one.
This election will be an easy one to win. Our candidate has a decisive lead at the polls, and the voters know what they want.

The word decisive can also mean having no hesitation or definite. Decisive action is a popular phrase used to talk about someone’s behavior as definitive and without hesitation.
The general took decisive action and sent in more troops, much to the surprise of the enemy.
It was a decisive decision. There was no turning back for the soldiers as they advanced behind enemy lines.


The word crucial is used to describe an important result or decision. It refers to something decisive.
Choosing a university is one of the most crucial choices of your life. The university you attend creates the path to your future.
The result of this experiment is crucial to our data collection. Without it, we will not be able to create the vaccine.
Crucial can also be used as an adjective to describe something that is in the shape of a cross or is similar to a cross.
The crucial centerpiece was very surprising to the dinner guests. It was unusual to see flowers arranged in the shape of a cross.
Crucial architecture was very common in ancient Rome. The Romans displayed their faith in many venues.