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To worship something means to hold it in very high value. When you worship something or someone, you believe that person or thing is more important than anything else in your life.
Ex: George absolutely worshipped his computer. He would spend hours working on it everyday and would forget what was happening around him whenever his computer was on.
Ex: If you really want to worship your parents, you should take them on a foreign holiday. Buying them a plane ticket and taking them on an adventure will show them how important they are to you.
When you worship the ground someone walks on, it means you think everything they do or say is perfect. Usually, when a person loves someone, they will worship the ground she or he walks on.
Ex: We all knew George was going to ask Kate to marry him. He loved the way she talked, the color of her hair, and he worshipped the ground she walked on.
Ex: I am way more than a fan of Jack Black. I worship the ground he walks on. In my opinion, he is the best comedian that has ever lived.


The price of something is the way its value is measured. Usually, an object's price is determined by the amount of money it takes to buy or own that particular thing.
Ex: sam really loved the silk scarf she saw in the shop window. But when she asked the price, she realised it cost more money than she wanted to pay.
Ex: The price of a house in Florida is a lot less than the price of a house in California. For that reason, Jake decided to move his family to the southern state.
Something is priceless if its value is impossible to determine or define. Usually, something is priceless if it has more emotional or value to the owner than it could to anyone else.
Ex: Even though people wanted to buy it, I just could not sell my grandma's silver necklace. It was priceless to me because it reminded me of her every time I wore it.
Ex: The painting of the sea behind my desk is priceless to me. I bought it from a local artist in Norfolk, and it makes me feel happy and peaceful when I look at it.
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